Aside From Doing Bathroom Tile Installation, We Also Do Backsplash Installation

At Jaramillo Tile‘s professional home improvement services, we specialize in expert backsplash installation to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your residential property. Backsplashes are not only a stylish addition to your kitchen or bathroom but also serve as a protective barrier against moisture and stains. You can also find us in Hawthorne, CA providing bathroom tile installation work around the area.

Comprehensive Consultation and Design

Our backsplash installation process begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your vision and preferences. Our experienced design team works closely with you to explore an extensive range of backsplash materials, colors, and patterns. Whether you prefer classic ceramic tiles, contemporary glass mosaics, or natural stone, we offer an array of options to suit your style. We meticulously assess your space, considering existing design elements and lighting, to create a customized backsplash design that harmonizes with your residential property’s aesthetics.

Expert Installation Techniques

Once the design is finalized, our skilled installation team commences the backsplash installation process with precision and attention to detail. We prepare the surface, ensuring it is clean, level, and primed to provide optimal adhesion for the backsplash material. Our expert installers use industry-leading tools and techniques to ensure precise placement of each tile or mosaic, creating a seamless and visually stunning finish. We take care of all the intricate details, such as creating seamless transitions around outlets and corners, to achieve a professional and polished look.

Quality and Durability

At our home improvement services, we prioritize quality and durability in every backsplash installation project. We source high-quality materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring that your backsplash not only adds charm to your space but also stands the test of time. Our team follows best practices in installation, using premium adhesives and grouting materials to ensure your backsplash remains intact and resistant to daily wear and tear. With our commitment to quality craftsmanship, you can trust that your new backsplash will become a cherished and lasting feature of your residential property.

You can trust Jaramillo Tile for backsplash or bathroom tile installation work. You can visit us in Hawthorne, CA if you wish to speak with us in person. For more details, call (213) 657-5508.

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